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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

JD Era: I'm Comin' Home

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lil Wayns Slips & Falls On Stage! lol


Monday, December 29, 2008

Letterman's Top 10 George Bush moments

Tuesday, December 23, 2008



Teriyaki Boyz Feat. Pharrell & Chris Brown - Work That

Beyonce - Diva

Beyonce - Halo

What Do You Guys Think of The New Videos?


This is The Dirty Version With No Tags! YES


Monday, December 22, 2008

NBA Week 8 –

Feliz Navidad, assholes!!!

I hope everybody is bundled up and has submitted their wish-lists to Santa…and for those of you who were hoping to get a video of Gheorghe Muresan dancing in your stocking, Santa came a little early…

So looking at the Pacers a little closer, I don’t think they’re as bad as their record suggests. Even though they’re sitting at 10-17, they’ve beaten quality teams like Denver, New Orleans, The Lakers, Dallas, Portland, Utah and Orlando so it losses to teams like Charlotte, Washington, OKC, and the T-Wolves that is hurting them. How you beat the top 3 teams in the West and lose to the bottom 3 teams in the East is a mystery to me.
I think once TJ Ford gets a little more comfortable running things in Indy, they’ve got some horses like Troy Murphy (a legit double-double guy) and Danny Granger (still among the league’s top scorers) to maybe make a late surge for the playoffs.
I think the only piece they’re missing is Rik “The Dunkin’ Dutchmen” Smits.

Speaking of Smits, he’s now a professional moto-cross racer. Sponsored and everything. Ummm, what?

Nene’s poster on Yao was nasty but did any of you see The Glove’s and C-Webb’s reaction from the NBA TV studio? I can’t find the clip anywhere but after the dunk, C-Webb proceeded to say “Get up Nene!!!” for the rest of the highlights no matter what clip they were showing. C-Webb and The Glove are kind of an acquired taste when it comes to TV analysts but if you’ve never seen them, here’s what you can expect if you ever tune-in…

In Jason Kidd’s return to the swamps of Jersey, Devin Harris and the Nets easily took care of the Mavs by handing them a 20-piecing. Harris was ballin’ with a chip on his shoulder and clearly had something to prove to his former team as he dropped 41 points and added 13 dimes. When Harris left the game for good with a couple minutes left in the 4th, the Nets’ faithful were chanting “Thank You Cuban!” as Mavs owner Mark Cuban sat dejected on the sidelines.

The Warriors’ Monta Ellis is another step closer to returning to the hardwood as his 30-game suspension officially ended after Wednesday’s game against the Pacers. For those of you not-in-the-know, Ellis signed a 6-year $66 million dollar contract with the Warriors over the summer and then violated the contract by getting injured in a moped accident shortly after. Idiot. He originally misled the Warriors stating that he injured the leg in a pickup game, but team doctors quickly called him on it and said there was no way an injury like that could be sustained playing ball. The Warriors had toyed with the idea of terminating the contract because they didn’t wanna pay such a hefty tab for damaged goods, but I think the relationship between Ellis and the organization is slowly mending. There’s still no set date for Ellis’ return.

Last week I mentioned an old VHS tape I found while purging through some boxes which ended up having a couple NCAA dunk contests on it. Anyways, in that same box there were about 4 other tapes that weren’t labeled so I’ve been sloooowly going through them. One of the tapes I popped in on Sunday had a couple games from NYC’s Rucker Park (including the VC game that got brought inside due to rain), but it also had the 2000 NBA Draft on it. That was the year the Raps drafted Mo-Pete and as I fast forwarded through most of it, there were A LOT of names that made me think “what the fuck happened to him?”…Marcus Fizer…DerMarr Johnson…Scoonie Peen…Courtney Alexander…
As mentioned earlier, the tape also had some old Rucker Park games including the 2001 All-Star game and the one at the Gaucho gym when Vince showed up in the 2nd quarter and shut shit down. Check the clip…

Anyways, this will be the last post before Santa comes, but the game of the year is just around the corner as Boston and the Lakers go at it on Christmas Day. It’s still not even the half-way point of the year yet, but both teams will be jacked up and know how important this game will be (psychologically as well as to the media)…

I’m out like Gheorghe’s mid-90’s dance moves...


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Solitair Feat. Jd Era and Joell Ortiz- Can't Front

To Download Click Here ---> Solitair Feat. Jd Era and Joell Ortiz- Can't Front

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dear John Witherspoon: "Hoochies"

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

JD ERA - "Good Morning"

2nd verse...
Download Link--> JD Era - Good Morning

Monday, December 15, 2008

NBA Week 7 -

Well we can add a couple more names to the growing list of NBA head coaching casualties. Joining Eddie Jordan, Sam Mitchell, P.J Carlesimo and Randy Wittman are Philly’s Mo Cheeks and Sac-Town’s Reggie Theus. Although Cheeks is almost sure to find another gig somewhere down the line, Theus’ will be lucky if Deering High gives him another shot. Haaaaaaaaa!

Speaking of Cheeks and the Sixers, I always figured the expectations were a little high in Philly this year to begin with. Although they’ve been on the cusp in the East for the last couple of years, so many people thought the addition of Elton Brand would make them a top squad in the East, if not a contender. Brand is clearly a legit stud and the Sixers got some dudes on the come up (Thad Young, Louis Williams, Iggy etc.) but I thought the contender talk was a little premature.

Earlier last week I was watching an old NCAA dunk contest I had taped waaay back that had Speedy Claxton in it (from his days back at Hofstra). It was my first time using a VCR in eons but it made me think “Where the f*ck is Speedy these days, anyways?”…It turns out he’s been sitting on the DL in ATL with a couple nagging injuries. Not sure when he’s gonna be back but with Bibby, Flip Murray and Acie Law in the mix, I’m not sure where he’s gonna find minutes…

Holy shit, break up the Grizz!!! The boys from Memphis have won 4 in a row, knocking off solid teams like the Heat and the Rockets in the process. A couple weeks ago, some media dudes started asking Rudy Gay if there was some internal tension between he and super-rookie O.J Mayo. Rudy quickly put the fire out and denied any competition and judging from the last few games, I’d say they’re good. In a win against the Bulls on Friday night, Mayo hit Rudy with a backdoor pass that ended with Rudy applying the Noxema on Tyrus Thomas’ grill. Nasty.

Man, the West is a funny place. The Blazers go from 2nd to 7th in one week, and the Suns are sitting at 14-10 and out of a playoff spot. The addition of Jason Richardson to the Phoenix roster should inject some new life though.

The Throwback clip of the week this week goes to the Mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson…

Did anyone see ‘Melo drop 33 the other night in the 3rd quarter??? The 3rd fuckin’ quarter!!! ‘Melo ate up the T-Wolves swingmen (Gomes, McCants, Foye...) on route to a season-high 45 chips and a Nuggets W and tied George Gervin’s record for points in a quarter in the process.

Although both feats are impressive, there’s a HUGE difference in ‘Melo’s 33 vs. Gervin’s 33. Gervin’s 33 came in the 2nd quarter of the last game of the 1978 season, which ultimately won him the scoring title that year. Gervin was leading the league in scoring all year until David Thompson dropped 73 the last game of the year which catapulted him ahead of Gervin. Later that night, Gervin needed 59 pts. to reclaim the lead from Thompson and that’s when he dropped 33 in the 2nd quarter on his way to 53 first-half points. Gervin scored his 59th point early in the 3rd quarter but asked to stay in the game for a couple more minutes just in case there was a miscalculation. After getting a couple more buckets, Gervin’ checked out with 63 pts. and sat out for the rest of the game. Imagine if he had stayed in the game? 85+ easy.

Seeing as it’s the season for giving, it should also be noted that Gervin is extremely active in his community. He runs seven organizations for kids who need them, including a technology school for those looking to pursue a second chance at education as well as a house for teenage girls coping with difficult pregnancies. I really dig what the NBA and its players do for the community and I think it’s a part of the association that is often overlooked. Since the NBA Cares program has started, the league and its players have raised over $90 million for charity, provided over 700,000 hours of volunteer service and have built almost 350 schools, rec centers and other places for the betterment of their communities. That’s big.

Anyways, that’s it for this week heathens…

I’m out like Theus…

Bush and The Flying Shoe.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Cory Hill Breaks His Leg During UFC Match

Monday, December 8, 2008

NBA Week 6
Peace, Sam.
Since the story of Sam’s firing has already been exhausted in the media over the past week, I’ll keep it relatively simple; It was gonna happen at some point or another anyways, so whatever. When Colangelo took over as President and GM of the Raps, he inherited Mitchell as head coach so it’s safe to say Mitchell wasn’t HIS choice to begin with. When Mitchell won coach of the year, all it did was delay his inevitable exit, and although I personally liked Sam, the players just weren’t responding to him for one reason or another. 41-41 last year, 8-11 this year (8-9 when Sam got the axe)…something had to change. In terms of where the Raps go from here, a major identity swap is going to have to take place in order for them to move forward, and as of right now, it’s Triano’s job to lose. If Triano has a solid year, it will undoubtedly buy him a little more time on the sidelines but if not, there are some quality coaches out there that are available. From a defensive standpoint, Avery Johnson could be a solid pick and then you also have Flip Saunders who’s currently without a job. Either way, the Raps need to break away from the impasse culture that started to form during Sam’s tenure and I think it’ll all start at the defensive end.
Last week I said that the Lakers were #1 in the L and the Celts were number 2 but after a tough Laker loss in Indiana last week, coupled with some big Boston W’s against Portland and Orlando, the Celts are the team to beat.
KG has always had swagger, but now that he’s added a ring to his Hall Of Fame resume, he’s on another planet.
The C’s normally reliable bench let Portland get back into the game (kinda…) on Friday night, so Doc called a timeout, put KG back in the game…an alley-oop and a block later and all serenity was re-established. However, KG let Big Baby Davis hear all about it.

Who’s hot?
D-Wade and the Heat.
Who’s not?
The Raps.
The Heat won all 3 of their games last week behind big performances by Mr. Wade. Wade averaged almost 33 chips/game last week in just under 36 mins. a game. He also won player of the week honours and has moved into #1 on the NBA scoring list.
The Heat could certainly end up anywhere between 5-8th in the East but they need guys to step up. Marion is still giving you nearly 10 boards a night but his 12.9 ppg is his lowest since his rookie campaign back in 99/00 and well below his career average (about 19 ppg).
Michael Beasley is another cat who I think could be contributing a little more. Although his 14/15 ppg are solid for a rook, he’s averaging a just hair over 5 boards a night which is unacceptable for a guy who is 6-9 and 245 lbs. If Jason Kidd can snatch up 7 a game, there’s no excuse why Beasley shouldn’t be grabbing AT LEAST 7 a night.
The Raps on the other hand have lost 4 in a row and looked disinterested and disheartened for the better part of the week. They got their shit pushed in against Denver and Utah and then blew an early 16-point lead in a loss to the Blazers. The sked ahead doesn’t get any easier with matchups against Cleveland, New Orleans and their arch-nemesis VC this week.
The ‘What The Fuck Were You Thinking’ award of the week goes to none other than Corie Blount who was found with 29 lbs. of piff, over $20,000 cash and 3 firearms. For those of you who don’t know him or remember him, I don’t blame you. Blount was a suitcase for most of his career, playing for 7 different teams over his 17 year career and averaging about 3 ppg for his career.
This throwback clip of the week goes out to my man Slick Wats and also my man D, who loves Chambers’ flow…Ladies and gents, I present Tom Chambers…

Gilbert Arenas should be back in the Wizards line-up in a few weeks and they could certainly use him. However, even though the Wiz (3-15) will be happy to have him back (who wouldn’t be happy getting their franchise player back?), he still won’t be able to remedy the Wizards’ biggest issue; perimeter defense. In the Wizards last two losses against the Bulls and the Lakers, both squads shot better than 50% from the land beyond and with Gil having a history of being a sub-par defender, it could still be a long grindful season in Washington.
The dunk of the week has to belong to either Ron Artest or Joey Graham. Who do y’all like?
Joey on Joel:

Ron-Ron takes Ronny Turiaf to the spa
That’s it for this week heathens, but I’ll check back into the game next Monday.
I’m out like Sam.

Jizz In My Pants

Saturday Night Live

Monday, December 1, 2008

JD Era at Traffic Jam 2008

JD Era at Traffic Jam 2008

JD Era [Black Market Music Group]

Big Shout to Jonny Rox, Fa$e and Major

Gliz Review - NBA WEEK 5

NBA Week 5 –


So LebronFest didn’t quite turn out as spectacular as many had hoped. With ‘Bron making his first appearance of the year at MSG and with the Knicks already making the sales-pitch to woo ‘Bron to NY when his contract expires in 2010, the game was a dud. Apart from the game, NYC went all out by having a celebration out front of MSG before the game started. Hundreds of fans donned red ‘Witness’ T’s while hot dog vendors, tucked in their custom-painted ‘Witness’ hot-dog stands, gave away free hot dogs, apparently courtesy of Lebron. Earlier in the morning, hordes of red Lebron basketballs could be found on 23 playgrounds scattered around NYC and Nike also released their limited edition 'Big Apple' Zoom LeBron VI sneaker the same day.
Oh yeah, the game? The Knicks got pasted (lost by about 17, but were down like 30 most of the game) and ‘Bron didn’t see a second of tick in the 4th.

Speaking of the Knicks, reader “ThatKnickFan” commented last week that there shouldn’t be any pity for Knicks fans after they unloaded Jamal Crawford and Zach Randolph and stated that they’re set for 2010 to become a real NBA team again.
That said, I still find pity for Knicks fans.
I agree with ”ThatKnickFan” that Z-Bo is a black hole and his shot selection is terrible, but being the joke of the NBA should be unacceptable in a place like NY. It's the Mecca of hoops and they haven't been competitive for years.
I think they had a chance to slip in the playoffs as a 7, 8 seed this year but now their frontline is smaller than Kevin Durant's biceps.
Eddy Curry is injured and out of shape and Jared Jeffries is also injured...who does that leave? Jerome James and that Gallinari kid? Sheesh. I like David Lee but he’s way too undersized to bang in the paint with the biggest of the bigs night in and night out.
The Knicks have been shit since like 2000-2001, and have only made the playoffs ONCE in the last 7 come 2010, that'll almost be 10 years since they've been half-ass decent!!!
No playoffs the last 4 years.
7 coaches in the last 8 years.
7 straight years of sub-500 basketball.
2 more years to wait.
That's why I pity Knicks fans.

All that said, Saturday was a great day in Knickland as the Knicks beat the Warriors in Crawford’s return to New York. David Lee had a MONSTER game going for 37 and 21 (!!!) and Chris Duhon established a new Knick record by dropping 22 dimes!!! Former Warrior Al Harrington also went to work on his old mates and posted up 36 and 12. Too bad it was against a struggling Warriors squad.

Wasn’t it just last week when I was talking about Crawford’s handles? Well somebody really needs to get Ray Allen an ankle brace after this.

Likewise for Andre Miller.

A couple weeks back I mentioned how I watched the T-Wolves/Thunder game even though it was a battle of cellar-dwellers. I didn’t bother watching the first 3 quarters of the rematch this past week, but since it was close, I switched back and forth to it for the last quarter. Glad I did. After Kevin Durant threw down to tie the game with 3 seconds left, Mike Miller ended up hitting a 18-footer at the buzzer to give the Wolves the road W. He still needs to trim that salad though.
The loss against the T-Wolves extended the Thunder’s losing streak to 14, but they bounced back and took down Memphis the following night to finally end the wretchedness. The Grizz looked pretty bad turning the ball over time after time and the crowd was…well, there was no crowd.

So the other day the good folks at Dime Mag posted a great HEB commercial starring Manu, TD, Brent Barry and Bruce Bowen. It turns out there are about 6-7 different spots, all of which are surprisingly funny considering the Spurs have been notoriously dubbed as “boring” for the last decade or so. Here’s a couple of them, but it’s worth checking out the others too…

Ramon Sessions has been ballin’ in Milwaukee. Even though ‘Bron sent his shit the other way via rocket mail the other night, Sessions recently stepped into the Bucks starting line-up replacing the injured Luke Ridnour. Sessions is averaging 15 chips and 6 dimes so far this year and has scored in double figures in all but a few games.

Man, the Lakers are too damn good. Although the Cavs (14-3) and the Celts (16-2) have put together tremendous seasons so far, the Lakers seem to be able to pull away from opponents whenever they feel like it, which is why I think they’re the #1 team in the L right now. The C’s have had to grind out several games this season but with the Lakers, everybody on the roster is seeing more 4th quarter minutes than Kobe. Phil Jackson usually yanks him early in the 4th and that’s it.
They took down the Nets, Mavs and Raps this past week and each game was tight until the Lakers kicked it into that extra gear.
The Nets game was tight going into the second half but before I could even spell Vladimir Radmonovic’s name, the Lakers were up by nearly 20.
Ditto for the game against the Raps where the Lakers toyed with them, allowing them to get within 7 or 8 on multiple occasions before extending the lead back to 15+.
The Mavs game was definitely the most exciting though, with the Lakers going on a huge run to come back from being down 12. The Mavs had pretty much controlled the game up until mid-way through the third and then it was lights out. No literally, it was lights out. With the Staples Center going nuts, and Lamar Odom tossing an alley-oop to Pau Gasol to tie the game, the Staples Center lights cut out and went into the starting line-up/player intro light show. Seriously though, I haven’t seen Staples like that in years. Check the clip here and fast forward to about the 1:10 mark.

Devin Harris…still tearing it up. After coming off a 34 point effort against Utah, Dude nearly dropped 50 (47) on the Suns and also added 7 boards and 8 dimes. Just think of how tough it must be just going up against guys like Deron Williams and Steve Nash on a nightly basis let alone OWNING them.

As for the week ahead, there are a couple of light nights coming up on the sked (Mon, Thurs) but both nights should still be good. On Monday, there’s only 3 games but one of them is Boston (16-2, 8 game win streak) vs. Orlando (13-4, 4 game win streak) and the only 2 games on Thursday are both big Western Conference match-ups with an improving Dallas squad (6-3 since I started bashing them…but still only 2-4 at home on the year) going up against Phoenix (7-2 on the road) and San An (with Parker AND Manu back) going head-to-head with Chauncey, ‘Melo and company (8-2 in their last 10).

There could also be a new team atop the Eastern Conference by the end of the week as Boston has a couple of tough challenges ahead with games against Orlando and a (legit) Portland squad (who just beat Detroit!) along with a couple games against Indy sprinkled in there. Cleveland on the other hand has a pretty soft week going up against Indy, Charlotte and NY. If Orlando can get through Boston on Monday, they finish the week off EXTREMELY easy with games against Minnesota (4-11) and OKC (2-16) and we all know anything can happen.

Anyways, that’s it for this week suckas…

I’m out like Ray Ray’s ankles…


Tona Feat.Richie Sosa & JD Era

Tona Feat.Richie Sosa & JD Era
Click the link Below to download